The Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge Georgia

Meet Susan and Nikki

The Sweet Shoppe of Blue RidgeThe Sweet Shoppe of Blue RidgeThe Sweet Shoppe of Blue RidgeThe Sweet Shoppe of Blue RidgeThe Sweet Shoppe of Blue RidgeThe Sweet Shoppe of Blue RidgeThe Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge

The Sweet Shoppe was founded on FAITH by friends Nikki Gribble and Susan Catron! A chance encounter landed the girls in a long conversation about the passion they both shared for being in the kitchen. With Nikki growing up in her grandmothers kitchen making chocolate candies with all the women of the family and Susan baking homemade cakes and frostings alongside her mother spurred each to pursue their dream of one day owning a shop where others could enjoy their passions. As a result the chocolate world and baking world came together on May 11th, 2011 to form The Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge!

Shortly after opening, The Sweet Shoppe was invited to serve the State Capital and the Governer of Georgia their gourmet cupcakes. The girls entered their chocolate covered caramel pretzels in the Flavor of GA contest in August 2011 and were selected as a finalist in the snack category. In October of 2011 the girls then headed to LA to film an episode of Cupcake Wars on Food Network where they placed 2nd out of several others companies from across the US.

After the show aired, the girls were ask to come back to the capital the First of March to be recognized for their accomplishments by Speaker Ralston in Atlanta, Ga. When the girls returned to the shoppe from their visit in Atlanta, there was a message from one of the producers of Cupcake Wars. They immediately returned the call and found out that Food Network wanted the girls to come back and compete on a new redemption episode of Cupcake Wars ! It took about 2.4 seconds for them to decide to take the challenge.

That very month they went back, competed and WON their second appearance on Cupcake Wars!!! Giving them the title of CUPCAKE WARS CHAMPIONS!!! The show was themed around Adam Sandler’s new movie, Hotel Transylvania. As the winners, the girls were flown back out to LA to attend and serve cupcakes at a VIP screening party for the new movie.

Labor Day weekend the girls opened their second location in McCaysville GA. The shoppe is a satellite store of their main store in Blue Ridge. In November, the girls headed back to LA to make cupcakes for a pre party event for the American Music Awards. Celebrities including Stephen Glickman from Big Time Rush, “Seth” from Twilight and American Idol’s Diana Degarmo all stopped by and enjoyed their amazing cupcakes !

What is next for the girls…………………………………………..?

You never know, so make sure you stay tuned to find out!!!!