The Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge Georgia

The Sweet Shoppe makes Duck Commander Happy, Happy, Happy!

We just left the duck commander warehouse where we took 10 dozen cupcakes for the family and workers to enjoy! Kori was so sweet to give us a behind the scenes tour, where we got to see the duck call room, willies office, the warehouse and more! We are so appreciative of their hospitality!

After we left, we got a shout out on their facebook page and they mentioned us twice. We are so excited!!! They are so nice to have done this!!! Go to their facebook page ( see both posts that we are over the moon about!

Love seeing our little Sweet Shoppe highlighted by such an amazing family!!!


We hope they loved the cupcakes and “hey jack” maybe next time uncle Si is in the mood for a cupcake he will give us a call!

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